Important Questions to Ask of Your Landscape Contractor

What are the professional qualifications of the company?

Landscapes East is proud to have New York State Certified Nursery & Landscape Professionals (CNLP) on staff. A CNP has passed a thorough and rigorous exam prepared by the NYS Nursery and Landscape Association. Three years of field experience and/or a college degree in the field of horticulture are required to take the exam. Many of the foremen here at Landscapes East hold horticultural degrees.

Landscape East is also a member of Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and the National Concrete & Masonry Association (NCMA).

What types of soils will be installed in my planting beds?

Most plants require good fertile soil to grow and flourish. It’s a fact that a plant’s health relies on the health and vigor of its root system. Plants require oxygen and nutrients not always available in on-site soils. In most planting beds prepared by Landscapes East, we will install a generous amount of our own special mix of planting soil. This is a sandy, well-drained soil, amended with “Nutri-Brew” which adds valuable nutrients to the soil. In turn, your plant’s root system will be enhanced, which makes for an overall healthy plant.

How will the site be prepared for hardscaping installations?

The base preparation is the most important part of a hardscape installation. Landscapes East uses a base of compacted runner crush, typically 8” deep for optimal drainage. We prepare our grades with state-of-the-art laser transits to ensure accurate results. The bricks remain in place as we make our cuts to secure a tighter fit.

Can I review my plant material before installation?

Landscapes East stocks and installs a wide variety of quality nursery stock. Our clients have the option to review plant material at our site if they choose.

What are your warrantees?

Landscapes East warrantees our installed plant material for a period of 2 years, and our hardscape installations are guaranteed for a period of 5 years.

What are the qualifications of the landscape designers?

Our designs are prepared by Paul Gualtieri and Matt Michichi. Their combined landscape experience involves over 40 years in the landscape field. The final printout is presented on a full color, computer-generated layout. Paul is C.N.L.P. and has A.A.S. degrees in Landscape Development. Matt holds a degree in landscape architecture and is also a C.N.L.P.

Landscaping is an investment in your home that appreciates with time. Protect your investment by having it done by professionals at Landscapes East. Contact us for a consultation.